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Have you been experiencing debilitating jaw pain while eating throughout the festive period?  OcciDental, your Brooklyn dentist, can diagnose and solve this problem.

It might be pain in your temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ), the joint that is found on both sides of your face, where the face and mouth connect.

TMJ Brooklyn dental office

There are some quite simple reasons why this might occur:

• misalignment of the joint through grinding teeth 

• clenching teeth

• dislocation from an accident

• poor posture

Young and old are equally affected.

At our family dental, TMJ Brooklyn dental practice, we have the expertise and experience to correct this painful problem.

All our dental examinations and solutions by our dentists are individualized to suit the patient.

Our innovative treatments may involve:

• mechanical stretching devices to exercise the jaw

• bite splints

• dentistry to align teeth  

• fitting of  braces

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If the above treatments do not help, we can offer some simple surgical procedures to alleviate TMJ pain problems: 

arthrocentesis is undertaken on the jaw joints and is considered to be the least invasive surgical procedure. It normally takes place in a maxillofacial or oral surgeon’s premises; arthroplasty is a surgical technique using a general anesthetic and  arthroscopy, which involves the use of a microscopic camera to conduct an internal examination of the joint and is followed by a clean up of the joint. 

This last procedure normally takes place in a hospital.

OcciDental main scheduling line: (718)568-0242. 

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